Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rendang Chicken

It is time to try out the rempah for Rendang Chicken.  I can said the rempah was really good.  The Rendang Chicken turn out so good.  I made this dish for our Valentine's Day dinner at home.

Recipe for Rempah:


2 big chicken thigh (cut into few parts)
2.5 tbsp cooking
80g rempah
60g coconut cream (Ayam Brand Tin Type)
3 Kaffir Leaves
30g Gula Melaka Sugar
Salt to taste

1. Heat oil in wok.
2. Add rempah into wok and fry under medium low heat.  Keep on stirring.
3. Once the rempah start to be abit darken, add in chicken parts. Stir to mix well with the rempah till chicken begin to brown.
4. Add in coconut cream, kaffir leaves and gula melaka sugar in and mix well with the chicken.
5. Using low heat, simmer the chicken about 25 mins without cover and keep stirring gently untill chicken is fully cook. Add salt to taste.

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